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Analyze Your Data with Interactive Dashboards
Analyze Your Data with Interactive Dashboards

What are they and why are they so amazing

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What are Data Driven Dashboards?

Data Driven Dashboards is a completely customizable way to your look at your data reports. We provide you with graphs charts and customizable search filters, so you can analyze the data and be one step ahead of your competition!

You can have a look at some sample dashboards too.

How much do they cost?

Since each Dashboard is unique to the client pricing varies. Contact a Customer Success Manager for more info.

Is my information always available? 

You can access you Dashboards at any time via our Cloud Portal and go to the Data Driven Dashboards section.

In what ways are they customizable? 

Each Dashboard is unique to each customer's requirements and can be customized completely depending on your requirements.

Can I export them in different file formats?

You can export them as CVS, Excel, JSON, etc.

Can I share them with my clients/ brand them as if they were my own (white label)?

Yes definitely. We do provide this as an option. 

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