What is web scraping?

Web Scraping also is known as Web Data extraction or Web Harvesting is a technique used to extract large amounts of data from websites that can then be saved to a local computer or database.

Couldn’t I just do it myself? copy /paste?

Yes, you could, but using something as simple as copy/paste will not be very efficient if you are looking for hundreds or thousands of different data fields.

Is it legal?

When it comes to web scraping public information, then there definitely is no legal issue behind it. There is nothing illegal about extracting publicly available content on the internet. As long as you aren't scraping at a disruptive rate you will have no issues. 

There can be potential issues with how you use the content you extract from sites. We are happy to discuss your project with you and let you know where you stand but we will never undertake any project that would breach any laws.

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