We offer two pricing options for you to complete your project. This article explains how to decide what's going to cost you least amount of money to complete your project. If you still have questions,  you are welcome to talk over the phone with one of our consultants who can help you to make the right decision.

When To Choose Cloud Data Extraction Job?

If you want to get data quickly without wasting a lot of time, then getting data through a cloud data extraction job is the cheapest & quickest. With cloud data extraction jobs, you will receive guaranteed data and you don't have to worry about any additional costs like IP rotation or Captcha solving

When to Choose Data Extraction Software?

If you have plenty of time up your sleeve and you are technical enough to run your own software, you can go with a Data Extraction Software.  However there are following additional costs involved with running your own data extraction software, on top of your valuable time.

Challenges Involved With Running Data Extraction Software On Your 

While it may sound like data extraction software is the cheapest given there are no data extraction fees apart from the initial setup fee, there are following additional costs and challenges you may need to be aware of.  So be careful with the following costs that might explode your budget.

  1. IP Rotation costs
    Most websites block your IP address after several attempts of scraping data. So you need to rotate your IP addresses to get data continuously.  IP costs can be usually anywhere between 50$ - 3000$+ depending on how much data you want to collect.

  2. Captcha solving costs
    Some websites protect their websites from various Captcha challenges to prevent automatic web scraping. So you would need to purchase a Captcha solving service as well. Captcha solving costs can be anywhere between 10$ - 1000$ + depending on how much data you want to collect.

  3. Website Detection Challenges
    Some websites continuously monitor the incoming traffic and prevent you running softwares against the website. This can happen if you are collecting data with too much speed or doing it in a way that prevents other users using the website in a normal access speed. They can even change the website underlying web API to prevent your access to the website. So it’s best to let our data extraction experts get the data for you in an efficient manner using our cloud data packages instead of running your own softwares, because we cannot guarantee your software won’t stop functioning properly for reasons outside out of control.

Remember, Time is Money. So choose wisely.

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