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Saving Fees Up to 8x With International Bank Transfers
Saving Fees Up to 8x With International Bank Transfers

Save card processing fees with bank transfers

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At Scraping Solutions we are all about saving you money.  That's why we let you make payments through international bank transfers for all invoices above $500

Our preferred provider for international bank transfers is TransferWise

Here are few key reasons why you should consider making a payment through TransferWise instead of using you local bank, PayPal or Credit Card.

  • Reduced 1% transaction fee instead of 3.8% for cards.

  • You get the real exchange rate instead of the bank's reduced exchange rate.

  • Most transfers reach us within 1 business day.

  • You can track your money transfer all the way through TransferWise website.

  • If you are in United States, Australia, Europe or United Kingdom, you will be transferring money to a local bank account, so the transfer is instant.

How to send a money transfer through TransferWise

Its pretty easy and takes only few minutes.

  • Sign up for an account at 

  • Add money to your account using you bank account or debit/credit card without any fees

  • Send the transfer to our account details mentioned on the Invoice.

  • Email the confirmation receipt from TransferWise to [email protected] 

  • You are now ready to begin your project.

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