We have 2 pricing models for you to choose in order to complete your project.

  1. Data Extraction Software
    We create a software and you run it on your own. We only charge a setup fee to deliver your software. You are responsible for your IP rotations and captcha solving to get the data successfully using the software. There will be additional costs you will have to pay for 3rd party providers with regards to IP rotations & captcha solving.

  2. Cloud Data Extraction Job
    We run your data extraction and send you the data through our cloud portal. We charge you setup fee + data extraction fee to send you the data. We handle all the IP rotations and captcha solving.  You don't have to do any work except downloading the data when ready. No additional costs involved.

You can also find out which option is the cheapest depending on the type of your project you are running from.

Our pricing for both models is available on our website pricing page. Please note that all our pricing quoted on website is in US Dollars

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