While it may sound like data extraction software is the cheapest given there are no data extraction fees apart from the initial setup fee, there are following additional costs you may need to be aware of.  So be careful with the following costs that might eat in to your budget.

  • IP Rotation costs
    Most websites block your IP address after several attempts of scraping data. So you need to rotate your IP addresses to get data continuously.  IP costs can be usually anywhere between 50$ - 3000$+ depending on how much data you want to collect.

  • Captcha solving costs
    Some websites protect their websites from various Captcha challenges to prevent automatic web scraping. So you would need to purchase a Captcha solving service as well. Captcha solving costs can be anywhere between 10$ - 1000$ + depending on how much data you want to collect.

So if you have a fixed budget, its best to setup a Cloud Data Extraction Job to complete your project.

If you are not 100% sure whether to choose a data extraction software or setup a cloud data extraction job, you can read the article below.

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