Step 1 

Sign into the cloud portal by visiting this link
and click Sign In and then enter your login credentials in the corresponding boxes

Step 2

Click on the Manage Data Extraction Jobs section of the home page or from the drop down menu bar along the top,


Step 3 

Choose the job you would like to manage and request changes to and then just click the Manage Job relating to that job

Step 4 

Click on 'Edit Job' in either one of the two location indicated and you will then be brought to a popup window with a drop down menu

Step 5

In the pop up menu we are going to click on configuration type drop down menu.
From here we choose what type of configuration request we want to make.

  • Request Changes to the data 

  • Request Changes to input/search URL's

  • Request Changes to the Schedule 

  • Upgrade plan

  • Request Cancellation

  • Other (for any changes you might want request that don't relate to the above)

Step 6

In the request Description box list all of your change requests in the provided box then just click Submit and your DONE!


You can find your Current Configuration and Configuration Changes made or in the process of being approved in the following boxes!

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