Step 1

Go to the Cloud Portal home page via

Step 2 

Click the sign in button and then enter your login details in the boxes provided

Step 3

Click Create New Job

Step 4

Click the drop down menu and select which website to gather data from

Step 5

 Tell us what search URL's you would like us to collect data from

Step 6

Click on the drop down box and let us know how often you want to receive leads 

Step 7 (Optional)

In the final box on the page you can tell us how much data you expect for a given week 

Step 8 (Optional)

If you have any files you like to upload related to the job, you can do so via We transfer. You can read this article on how to upload files via we transfer.

Last Step!

 If you have any modifications you would like made to our current Excel Template you can do so by clicking the drop down menu select yes and list those changes in the box provided. Then Click Create Job! If you have any questions while creating your job feel free to contact us via our web chat by clicking the green button at the bottom right of the page

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