Step 1

Login to our cloud portal, If you don't have login details, please see this article here.

Step 2

 You can go to a Support Ticket area by clicking on Help Center and then selecting Support Tickets from the next page.

You can also click Support -> My Support Tickets from the top menu.

Step 3

You will be brought to the following page where you can also view any Support Tickets you currently have open. Just Click Open a New Support Ticket to create a new support ticket.

Step 4

You will now be on the Open New Support Ticket page where you will want to do the following 

  1. Enter a brief subject line

  2. Choose from Sales, Support, or Other from the drop down menu

  3. Leave a decrption of your problem in the provided box

Then Click Create Ticket and one of our Support Staff will get right with you!

 Step 5 

You can check the status of the support ticket you currently have open and be able to see if a Support member has replied to you Ticket.

Step 6

If you click on your Ticket Title you will be able to see any replies from the staff regarding the ticket. You can also add a reply back if you have anymore questions or concerns by Clicking either of the Add Reply buttons and a pop up window will you provide you a field in which to leave your reply.  

Step 7

When your Support issue has been resolved please click the Resolve Ticket box. A pop up box will appear and you will be able to let us know how well we did in resolving the issue, the resolution, and a description.

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