Step 1

Login to our cloud portal, If you don't have login details, please see this article here.

Step 2

You have two options to go about downloaded your extracted data

  1. Click Download and choose My Data from the drop down box


  2. Just Click on Download My Extracted Data 

Step 3

Now at the My Data Downloads page you will see list of records with one of the following status.

  • Not Started
    This means your data download is not started yet. Therefore unavailable to download.

  • In Progress
    This means your data extraction is in progress, and data will be available to download shortly. You will receive an email once its ready to download.

  • Ready To Download
    This means your data is ready and you can simply click to Download to save your data to your local disk or computer.

Step 4

Lastly, you will then see an Open With Window pop up. Simply choose what application you would like to use to view your data in!

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