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What is a Data Record & How Cloud Packages Work?
What is a Data Record & How Cloud Packages Work?

Find out how the pricing is calculated within cloud packages

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If you want guaranteed data in quick time with minimum effort, choosing a cloud job over a data extraction software is the way to go. 

Data extraction jobs require you to purchase a Cloud Package in order to run your job and produce data or perform automation tasks.  Here are a few key things you need to know about Cloud Data Packages.

When do I need to purchase a cloud package?

If you want to run a data extraction job or automation job through our online cloud platform,  to get guaranteed data or tasks automated without worrying about IP Blocks, Captcha Solving or running your own software, you need to purchase a cloud package that suits your budget.  If you are running a data extraction software on your own, then you don't need a cloud package.

How the billing calculated?

With cloud data packages, you get billed only for the number of data records you receive and you can re-use any remaining data on your package for up to 3 months. There are no recurring monthly fees and they do not renew automatically.

What is a data record?

A data record is a single row you see when we export your data to an excel spreadsheet or to a database. Whether each row has 1 column or 100 columns of data, it's still considered as 1 record.

Which data package should I choose?

You can decide how many data records you would like to receive initially and choose a package that fits your budget. Alternatively, we can suggest you the cheapest data package for your project, once we know more about your data extraction job requirements.

Break down of the available data packages are on our website pricing page

Will, I go over my package limit and end up with a massive bill?

No Never.  Fortunately, you don't have to worry about paying any extra money than your chosen package. We will stop the extraction once you run out of data records you have purchased, and let you know if you need to buy another data package in order to continue.

If its a custom project, Before project commencement, we will reach a written agreement through a signed proposal, specifying the maximum fee you'll be responsible for. This guarantees a fixed price for your project without any excess fees.

Are there additional costs?

No there are no additional fees or costs. You simply pay for the data you receive. 

All the IP rotation costs, Captcha solving costs, other server fees & support staff fees are included in your data package.

Can I renew cloud packages automatically each month?

If you want us to renew a data package automatically in order to avoid service interruptions to a monthly data extraction, we can do this for you. 

However, we will only do this with your permission, as we don't automatically renew data packages unless you request from us.

If you set up month by month service we need 30 days cancellation notice in order to cancel your service.  See more about canceling your service here

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