What is bulk SMS, Email & Direct Mail Sending?

Once we collect leads for you from Craigslist, Zillow or from another data source we can send a marketing sms, email & direct mail campaigns on your behalf. This saves you time & money instead of manually typing emails, sms or posting content by yourself.

What are the costs and how does it work?

  • You can send SMS Emails & Direct Mail in Bulk using our marketing portal.  
  • All Email & SMS Replies will be directed to your email address 
  • You can reply to SMS(s) directly through the portal. 
  • Pricing to use our automation portal is 3 cents (USD) per each SMS & Email Sent.
  • Cheaper pricing is available for larger SMS & Email packages. 
  • Please check pricing under billing section of the portal. 
  • This is a self serviced portal and you are responsible for sending SMS and/or Emails. 
  • You can also send SMS,Emails & Direct Mails using excel imports functionality from other data sources. 

Take a look at the marketing portal quick start guide to understand how quickly you can launch a SMS, Email & Direct Mail campaign for your leads.

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