Step 1 - Log in To Our Cloud Portal

Visit our Cloud Portal at and login in with your user name and password.

You will then want to click on the Send SMS & Email Campaigns from the home screen

Step 2 - Setting up Marketing Portal access

On the next screen click on Setup Marketing Portal Access Now

You will then be asked to choose an Email address you want to use for your campaign that will receive all SMS replies and to also stipulate whether you want to manage your campaign or have Scraping Solutions manage it for you.

Once you click submit a support ticket will be created for you and a staff member will be in touch with you shortly to confirm your details and setup a password.

Step 3 - Logging in

When everything has been verified you can go back to the Cloud Portal and go to the SMS & Email Campaigns section and you will see your full login details listed. Then just click on Login To Marketing Portal with your credentials.

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