Step 1 - Create Campaign

  • To create a new SMS campaign you want to choose 'Bulk SMS' from the left side bar.

  • Then click 'Send Bulk SMS' below that. 

Step 2 - Add Message & Name your campaign

  • Choose the contact list you wish to send messages to.

  • Then add a message that you would like to send.

  • You can also select a message from a saved template if you prefer. To create a template first click 'SMS Templates' and once loaded click 'Create Template'

  •  Next give your template a name, write your message and click Save. You can then select template from the 'SMS Template' option when creating a bulk sms

Step 3 - Add Mandatory Opt Out Text 

If your messages are considered as marketing messages, you need to provide a way for your customers to opt-out from future campaigns. Otherwise these messages will be rejected from our servers.  You will not be charged for any messages that's being rejected from our servers.

  • The best option is to add the text “opt-out reply STOP” or something similar to the message.

  • Alternatively you can click the 'Generate Unsubscribe Message' button to add a opt out text to the end of the message

  • If a customer reply to your message with text "Stop" these contacts will be moved to Opt Out List and will be removed from your main contact list automatically to stop further messages.

Step 4 - Send Campaign

Then simply click 'Send' to SMS your message to the contact list chosen.

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