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Making a payment through TransferWise
Making a payment through TransferWise

How to make a payment using that saves you lot of money with real currency exchange rates

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  1. To start with go to

  2. Choose your currency in the first box from the drop down menu then select the currency on our invoice in the second drop down box. For this example we have used USD and AUD 

3. Enter the exact amount of our invoice into the 2nd box and it will automatically calculate how much to send in your home currency. For this example we have used $199 AUD. Once you have checked the amounts click get started. 

4. You will then be taken to a page where you can create a new account or sign into an existing account

5. After creating your account and adding your bank details you will be taken to this screen to reconfirm the amounts. Once you have checked the amount click ‘continue’

6. Select transfer money to a business

7. Fill in all the details which will be included on your invoice and click continue. Alternatively use the following details

  • Name of the business - Cloud Worker Solutions Pty Ltd

  • Country - Australia

  • State - Victoria

  • City - South Yarra

  • Address - Suite 20, 11 Wilson St

  • Postal Code - 3141

  • BSB - 013017

  • Account Number - 329727563

  • Business Number (ABN) - 76663077085



8. On the next screen review the details making sure that the AUD amount matches your invoice. Once you have done this accept the terms and conditions and click ‘confirm and continue.  

9. Choose which transfer method you wish to use. We suggest using the first option which is a debit from your added bank account. Once done simply click ‘continue to payment’ to complete the transaction

10. Upon completion simply send us a copy of your receipt to [email protected] to confirm the payment.

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