If you want to submit multiple cloud jobs in quick time, you can use our batch job template to save time without having to create each job one at a time. 

Please follow the below steps to submit a single batch job with multiple cloud job requests.

Step 1 - Download & fill in batch job template

  • Download our Batch Job Template 

  • For the zip codes in column B please separate the zip codes so they are each on one line. You can do this in Excel by holding the 'Alt' key and pressing the 'Enter' key

  • Enter the file names you wish to download the data from into Column I. 

  • If you like all the data in a single file, please make sure the Job Name is the same for all rows in Column I.

Step 2 - Upload the batch job template to WeTransfer

Upload the batch job template file to WeTransfer which is free for up to 2GB, there is no need to create an account to do this. 

  • Go to https://wetransfer.com 

  • Click on upload files, select the Batch Template you prepared in step 1. 

  • Once your file has been uploaded click on the 3 circles.

  • Choose to send as a 'Link' and then click 'Transfer' 

  • Once complete click 'copy link'. You can use this link while creating your job in next step.

  • Create a new job as per usual and in the We transfer file upload links field add the file share link you copied from above step 2. 

  • Fill in any other necessary details as per usual.

  • Click Create Job

  • Once the job has been completed you will be able to download your data in multiple files as specified in your batch job template.

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