Summary of tasks 

  • Logging into your account

  • Choosing Your package

  • Purchasing your package

Step 1 - Logging In 

  • Go to the client portal and log in to your client account. Once your logged in click on 'Send SMS and Email Campaigns'

  • On the following screen click the 'SMS Marketing' Icon. One the next screen your user name and password will be displayed on the screen for you and you can click the green 'Login to SMS Portal' button to open the SMS Portal.

  •  A new window will open, enter in your username and password and click 'Sign In'

Step 2 - Choosing your SMS package

  • Once you have logged in your dashboard will be displayed. You want to click 'Recharge' followed by 'Purchase SMS Plan'

  • On the next screen you will see some recommended SMS packages 

  • If you don't see a package that fits with your requirements then go back to 'Recharge and this time choose 'Buy Unit' 

  • On this screen you can see the unit costs for the different quantities on the right. You can enter your required number of messages and the total will be calculated automatically for you. 

Step 3 - Purchasing Your Package

  • If you have chosen a package from the 'Purchase SMS Plan section' then you want to click 'View Features' next to your chosen plan

  • Next click 'Purchase now' and on the next screen you can choose the payment method. Once you click 'Purchase Now' again you will be taken to your chosen payment method website to complete the purchase. 

  • If you had chosen to purchase a custom package through 'Buy Units' then all you need to do is click 'Purchase Now' after entering the number of Units you require. 

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