This article explains everything you need to know about processing times regarding our cloud data extraction jobs. Our goal is to deliver your data within 24 hours whether its 1 record or 25,000 records. 

How Long Does It Take For My Data To Be Ready?

  • We usually have most jobs completed and data delivered within 24 hours depending on server load.

  • You will see the Expected Completion Date for your data under My Data Downloads, within few minutes of the job creation once your job has passed our manual review.

  • We have 99.99% data accuracy because we manually review the data to make sure there are no problems with any of the data we deliver.

  • All jobs are manually reviewed for accuracy to save you time and prevent any mistakes from your side.

Delivery Speed For Once Off Jobs

  • Our general timeline is  to deliver your data within 24 hours after the job is created.

  • Please note that if you are creating multiple jobs and want data delivered within a certain time frame, you need contact us via Live chat and specify your job ID(s). Then we will confirm whether we can speed up your job to deliver by a certain time frame.

Delivery Speed for Weekly Jobs

  • If you are running a weekly data extraction job,  data will be delivered every week on a set date of the week.

Can I request a job to be complete by a certain date?

  • Yes absolutely. When you are creating your data extraction job you can specify any time frame requirements if the data needs to be delivered by a certain date. (See screenshot below)

If you are creating a Zillow Pro job please specify your time frame in the additional filters box, see screenshot below

Can I Get Data Instantly (within seconds)?

  • Websites like Craigslist and Zillow have very complex Google ReCaptcha solving which makes instant delivery difficult.

  • We can deliver data instantly for an additional fee if its required.

  • If you have a specific requirement where you need data within minutes rather that hours please schedule a call to discuss your project and additional costs.

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