Real Life Pricing Example

Real life pricing example to understand our pricing model

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  • David purchases a data package he wants and then submits his scraping request via the cloud portal.

  • Then a few hours later scraping solutions notify David that the job is done.

  • David logs into the cloud portal to download his data.

  • Once David reaches the data limit in his package, David can renew his package.

  • David only renews when he needs more data once the initial data package runs out.

  • David doesn’t pay a monthly fee.

  • David also understands scraping solutions fair usage policy, where his data package may expire if he didn’t use all his records after a long period of time.

    Custom API Integration (Optional)

  • After sometime David realize it would be easier if he can import his data directly to his internal business system (CRM) , so he no longer have to login to scraping solutions cloud portal to download the data.

  • David pays an one time API integration fee, to setup an integration so the data appears directly in David's internal business (CRM) system automatically every hour.

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