Step 1 - Opening the send SMS menu

  • First select 'Bulk SMS' from the side panel followed by ' Send SMS From file.

Step 2 - Loading the file containing your phone numbers

  • Click 'Browse' and select the file containing the phone numbers you wish to send messages to and click 'Open'

Step 3 - Choosing the phone number column

  • Click on the Phone number column box to open a list of the file column headings and choose the one containing the phone numbers you wish to message

In this example the column containing the phone numbers was 'Agent Owner Contact No'

Step 4 - Writing your message

  • Next write your message and remember to add the unsubribe message text, you can do this by simply clicking the 'Generate Unsubscribe Message' Box

  • If you have a SMS template prepared you can select it using the 'Select Template' box

Step 5 - Sending your message

  • To finish simply click 'Send'

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