Step 1 

Visit our Cloud Portal at and login in with your user name and password.

You will then want to click on the Send SMS & Email Campaigns from the home screen

On the next screen click the 'Email Marketing' icon

Step 2

Click on 'Create an account'

Step 3

Choose a plan which fits with your needs, this can be changed later as well, once you have chosen click 'Register' below the plan

Step 4

Fill in your details and basic information and choose a password, one done click the 'I'm not a robot' box and click 'register'

Step 5

You will now be asked to confirm your chosen subscription, you can also change your chosen plan here if you wish to. Once you are happy with your choice click the green 'get started' button.

The next screen will show your chosen subscription details including the start date, finish date, and the remaining days of your plan.

Step 6

Next click on 'Contact Information' and ad in your contact details, click Save when finished

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