Step 1 

From the portal click on 'Lists' from the top menu bar

Step 2

On the next page click 'Create List'

Choose a name for your list and fill in the other relevant details 

  • Name = Your subscribers will see this so choose something relevant to your company and product 

  • Default From name = This is who your emails will come from so choose something your subscribers will easily recognize like your company name

  • Default From email address = This is the address your subscribers will reply to

  • Default email subject = Choose a subject for your email. 

The contact information will be filled in from the information you entered in the previous guide but can be changed here if needed. 

Step 4

Next choose the subscription email options using the toggle switches and click 'Save' when done. We suggest using only the Unsubscribe notification and turning the other 2 off. 

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