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Send Email Campaigns to your leads using our Email marketing platform.

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What is Email Marketing?

You can send email marketing campaigns to your leads using our email marketing portal. This allows you to send professional email campaigns to your leads simply and efficiently.

What are the costs and how does it work?

  • You can send marketing campaign emails in bulk using our email marketing portal. 

  • Access to lots of professional looking templates to make your emails stand out

  • Multiple pricing plans for any budget including a Free plan to get you started. Basic plan starts at only $29.95 per month for 25,000 emails. 

  • Cheaper pricing is available for larger email packages. 

  • Please check pricing under billing section of the portal or by clicking here

  • Check the success of your campaigns by monitoring the open rate and click rate

  • This is a self serviced portal and you are responsible for sending your email campaigns.

Take a look at the email marketing portal quick start guide to understand how quickly you can launch a email campaign for your leads.

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