Personalized content outperforms static content on average by 42%. When someone receives SMS messages that are tailored specifically to them, they’re more likely to pay attention and take action.

So when you have names to go with the leads you generate we recommend personalizing your SMS messages by following these steps.

Step 1 - Create your contact list

To find out how to create a contact list with personalized data fields like First name & Last name please see this article

Step 2 - Create a Bulk SMS Campaign

Click on 'Bulk SMS' followed by 'Send Bulk SMS'

Step 3 - Select Contact List

Go to 'Contact List' and select the contact list you wish to send your SMS messages to. You can see the total number of recipients your SMS will be sent to.

Step 4 - Select Merge Fields

Click on 'Insert Merge Field' which will open a drop down box showing the available fields. Select the one you wish to use by clicking

Step 5 - Compose Your Message

You can now see the field you chose in the message box. Now just write the message you wish to send and when your ready click send

Step 6 - Save Message as A Template (Optional)

It's also possible to insert these merge fields into a message template to save time.

  • To create a message template click on 'SMS Templates' and then 'Create Template'

  • Give your template a name and choose which field you wish to use from the drop down list. Next simply create your message and click save.

  • To use a template message follow the same steps as above but click 'SMS Templates' and choose the template you created from the drop down list.

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