We can also append the following additional data points for a given property address which are generally not publicly available on mainstream real estate listing websites.

  • Owner Full Name
  • Owner Mailing Address
  • Owner Email Address
  • Owner Phone Number
  • Owner Occupancy
  • HOA Name & Types
  • Equity
  • Involuntary Lien Amount
  • Comp Sale Amount
  • Estimated Value Low
  • Estimated Value High
  • Days On Market
  • HOA Fee Total
  • HOA Fee Annual Total
  • MLS Status
  • Purchase Method
  • Ownership Length
  • Open Mortgage Balance
  • Mortgage Balance
  • Age
  • Short Sale
  • Tax Exemptions
  • County Name
  • Rent Amount

To find out more about appending property data based on a property address please visit https://app.scrapingsolutions.com.au/append-hidden-property-data-points/

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